Collation Shrink Wrap

Collation shrink wrap

  • LDPE Collation Shrink Film is usually used for group packaging of goods. On temperature between 140°C to 180°C the film shrinks and covers the surface of product, protecting it from dust, physical damage and enables easier transportation and handling
  • Collation PE. Shrink can be applied to a wide range of marketing and sales promotion applications that includes: Beverages, bottled water and soda, hand soaps and detergents, health and beauty aids.

Technical properties:

  • -Good sealing
  • -Width: 15-120 cm
  • -Thickness from 30-200 micron
  • -Good shrinking temperature range
  • -Shrinkage in machine (longitude) and transversal direction according to the needs

Why to choose Oliatra collation shrink film?

  • We are specialized in down gauging – reducing the thickness we save material, Environment, supporting our partners to reduce their production costs to be able to compete in their markets.
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Collation shrink wrap