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Banana Bags

Banana Bags: Optimal Preservation for Summer Harvest

The harvest of bananas takes a long time for growth and ripening, usually around 8 months for bananas to reach full maturity. Since banana cultivation requires a hot and humid environment, it can be challenging to maintain these harsh conditions during the winter season. That’s why banana bags are used to preserve bananas in good condition and maintain an ideal atmosphere for their growth.

Benefits of Banana preservation Bags:

  1. Increased plant weight: Banana bags help increase the plant weight by up to 10%. These bags retain moisture and preserve the necessary temperature for the healthy growth of bananas. As a result, bananas can grow larger and increase in weight.
  2. Accelerated early ripening: Banana bags assist in accelerating the early ripening process by approximately 15 days. These bags maintain the required temperature for banana growth and provide sufficient protection against harsh weather conditions. Consequently, bananas ripen faster, leading to increased productivity and improved harvest quality.
  3. Ensured uniform size for all banana varieties: Banana bags ensure a consistent size for all banana types by providing appropriate protection against external weather effects. This helps maintain the quality of production.

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