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Why US

Why Us

Why us? Oliatra’s strategy concentrates on the highest technology and latest innovative plastic machines we rely on German plastic film production machines from Reifenhäuser blown film one of the best in that field.– Using continuous calibration to our test equipment’s and also to our machines helped us to have nearly zero returned products.– We design plastic covers with sustainable and eco-friendly features to meet our customers’ expectations.– High level of after-sale service, continuous up to date R&D. helps us to provide technical support and advice for lowering production costs to our customers based on their demands


To Solve customers’ problems and challenges each product we develop and supply is the solution to a problem a customer has experienced or an opportunity for a customer to be different to its market. This “problem/opportunity/solution” approach has given us access to new segments to which we can apply our experience and know how. Our solutions, combined with outstanding service, have enabled us to expand fairly rapidly.