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Polypropelene Products

Polypropylene Raffia ropes

Threads and ropes of polypropylene raffia. We responded to the increasing demand for polypropylene products to enter the market. Our experience with linen fibers helped us produce the best quality of polypropylene tapes, threads, and yarns.

Investing in quality:

We understand the importance of quality in the business world, especially in the polypropylene industry. Therefore, we have invested significantly in purchasing and equipping high-quality polypropylene production lines. Our 42-meter-long Reifenhauser polypropylene line has enabled us to produce all raffia polypropylene threads with exceptional quality.

Carefully selecting materials:

Excellent quality requires the right raw materials. We ensure the use of pure polypropylene materials from major companies like SABIC, ExxonMobil, and Aramco. These companies are known for providing high-quality materials that guarantee the sustainability and stability of our products.

Diverse and attractive colors:

We understand that colors play a crucial role in attracting customers and making our products stand out. Therefore, we use the best dyes and masterbatches to achieve perfect colors that add a unique touch to polypropylene threads and ropes. We rely on Clarient’s German dyes, which are a reference in the dye and color industry.

Manufacturing flexibility:

We understand that customer needs are diverse, so we strive to meet all potential requirements. We produce different colors of polypropylene threads and ropes based on customer demand. Whether you need polypropylene threads for commercial, industrial, or even artistic purposes, we are here to meet your needs efficiently and with high quality.

Various sizes:

Size diversity is crucial for many industries that rely on polypropylene threads in their products. Therefore, we produce polypropylene threads in metric sizes ranging from 0.4 to 9.0. This allows customers to choose the appropriate size for their specific needs. You can use our threads for manually tying agricultural crops or for crop binding machines, such as those used for rice and wheat. You can also use them in agricultural crop balers to ensure efficient packing and packaging.